The Diet Myth

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'The Diet Myth is fascinating, and now I'm obsessed with microbes!' Nigella Lawson We are all increasingly bewildered by the simple question of what to eat. Despite advice from experts, governments and dieticians about the dangers of too much fat, sugar, protein and lack of exercise, our nutrition – and the global obesity crisis – is getting worse. Why can one person eat a certain meal and gain weight and another eat exactly the same food and lose pounds? Genes provide part of the answer, but we have been overlooking one vital aspect of diet that lies within us. Thanks to recent breakthroughs, scientists have begun to examine the permanent residents in our guts: the thousands of previously unknown but essential microbes whose job it is to digest our food and keep us alive. Drawing on the latest science and his own research team's pioneering work, Professor Tim Spector explores the hidden world of the microbiome and demystifies the common misconceptions about fat, calories, vitamins and nutrients. Only by understanding how our own microbes interact with our bodies can we overcome our confusion about modern diets and nutrition to regain the correct balance of our ancestors. Mixing cutting-edge discoveries, illuminating science and his own case studies, Spector shows why we should stop listening to the myths of diet fads and instead embrace diversity for a healthy gut and a healthy body.


Tim Spector is Professor of Genetic Epidemiology at King's College London and Hon Consultant Physician at Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital. He has won several academic awards and published over 700 academic papers, a large proportion of which relate directly to nutrition and the causes of obesity. He has appeared in numerous TV documentaries and is often consulted in British and international media on his team's research. Since 2011 he has been leading the largest microbiome project in the UK, using genetic sequencing to study the bacteria in the guts of 5,000 twins. He is the lead investigator for BRITISH GUT, the UK's largest open-source science project to understand the microbial diversity of the human gut.

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@ 夏影♐︎ "We tend to forget just how recent is the latest craze for fitness and sports. In the 1980s joggers in strange pyjama-like outfits were seen as weirdos and treated with derision. " "For those of you who genetically or culturally can’t stand the thought of physical exercise there may be another way to burn calories – thinking hard." @ 小土刀 这本书提出了全新的思路!很有意思!这一套理论倒是很能解释为啥我在美国吃吃吃却没怎么长胖,用照顾花园的方式照顾自己的肠胃,并且:别吃你奶奶那辈还没有的食物,那么问题来了,那时候有没有薯条汉堡炸鸡呢? @ Eva_PSY 破除饮食迷思的好书,每章节用一个豪斯医生式的发病小故事引人入胜,趣味性强。章节内综述研究发现,结合身边或自己的实例,又比较接地气,行文幽默诙谐。饮食建议总结为一句话就是:听从自己的肠道(微生物),增加饮食多样性,吃真正的蔬菜水果,可以间歇性断食给微生物放假。你的身体是一座花园而不是神庙,你是这个花园最好的园丁。 @ 懸鈴木 BMJ上写着作者has received research grants from Danone. ? 提出的观点不错,不过吃腐乳、纳豆跟tempeh也能达到同样效果。 @ Eva_PSY 破除饮食迷思的好书,每章节用一个豪斯医生式的发病小故事引人入胜,趣味性强。章节内综述研究发现,结合身边或自己的实例,又比较接地气,行文幽默诙谐。饮食建议总结为一句话就是:听从自己的肠道(微生物),增加饮食多样性,吃真正的蔬菜水果,可以间歇性断食给微生物放假。你的身体是一座花园而不是神庙,你是这个花园最好的园丁。 @ 没有色彩的红魔 关于营养学的百科全书,很多的最新实验证据,非常好的饮食指南。 @ 懸鈴木 BMJ上写着作者has received research grants from Danone. ? 提出的观点不错,不过吃腐乳、纳豆跟tempeh也能达到同样效果。 @ barrstroud Professional indeed. Kudos for my microbiota. @ 黎安高 这个真没法评价。科普性的读物,阅读体验一般。但学到了很多关于饮食健康、饮食安全以及生物学的知识。作为一般读者,没有精力和动力核实书里数据的真实性和准确性,无法考证实验方法的合理性,对于本书给出的一些结论,仍然会保持将信将疑的态度。但营养和安全不是哲学思辨,无法得出一个能指导自己生活的方案,还是有些沮丧。


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