R for Data Science

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Hadley Wickham is an Assistant Professor and the Dobelman FamilyJunior Chair in Statistics at Rice University. He is an active memberof the R community, has written and contributed to over 30 R packages, and won the John Chambers Award for Statistical Computing for his work developing tools for data reshaping and visualization. His research focuses on how to make data analysis better, faster and easier, with a particular emphasis on the use of visualization to better understand data and models.

Garrett Grolemund is a statistician, teacher and R developer who currently works for RStudio. He sees data analysis as a largely untapped fountain of value for both industry and science. Garrett received his Ph.D at Rice University in Hadley Wickham's lab, where his research traced the origins of data analysis as a cognitive process and identified how attentional and epistemological concerns guide every data analysis.

Garrett is passionate about helping people avoid the frustration and unnecessary learning he went through while mastering data analysis. Even before he finished his dissertation, he started teaching corporate training in R and data analysis for Revolutions Analytics. He's taught at Google, eBay, Axciom and many other companies, and is currently developing a training curriculum for RStudio that will make useful know-how even more accessible.

Outside of teaching, Garrett spends time doing clinical trials research, legal research, and financial analysis. He also develops R software, he's co-authored the lubridate R package–which provides methods to parse, manipulate, and do arithmetic with date-times–and wrote the ggsubplot package, which extends the ggplot2 package.


@ 行简 大牛的作品,果然不一般,清楚简明易懂。 @ Sunrise 大概因为有点pandas和sklearn的基础,一刷非常顺畅~暑假跟着R for finance类的教材初学R真是不堪回首=。= #选对入门书太重要! @ quantang R 是个丑八怪, tidyverse 给 R 整了个容 @ 不羁的帅哥 刷新对R认识的作品 @ 芳煙 tidyverse太美啦! @ ? 真的讨厌r @2018-10-07 05:57:08 @ 怀空 R做数据分析的入门书。学了R尤其是tidyverse后彻底抛弃Stata @ 志诚 很好的R data science书,不管入门还是拾遗。不过,在偏技术领域的数据分析建模,感觉R逐渐输给Python了。 @ 鲁先飞 原来数据分析代码也可以写的如此优美 @ 勿用 一直用R做传统统计模型。花了三天时间看完这本书,彻底颠覆了我对R的认识,原来R也可以这么酷

Chapter 1 Data Visualization with ggplot2
Chapter 2 Workflow: Basics
Chapter 3 Data Transformation with dplyr
Chapter 4 Workflow: Scripts
Chapter 5 Exploratory Data Analysis
Chapter 6 Workflow: Projects
Chapter 7 Tibbles with tibble
Chapter 8 Data Import with readr
Chapter 9 Tidy Data with tidyr
Chapter 10 Relational Data with dplyr
Chapter 11 Strings with stringr
Chapter 12 Factors with forcats
Chapter 13 Dates and Times with lubridate
Chapter 14 Pipes with magrittr
Chapter 15 Functions
Chapter 16 Vectors
Chapter 17 Iteration with purrr
Chapter 18 Model Basics with modelr
Chapter 19 Model Building
Chapter 20 Many Models with purrr and broom
Chapter 21 R Markdown
Chapter 22 Graphics for Communication with ggplot2
Chapter 23 R Markdown Formats
Chapter 24 R Markdown Workflow
· · · · · ·


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