Understanding ECMAScript 6

书名:Understanding ECMAScript 6TheDefinitiveGuideforJavaScriptDevelopers
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ECMAScript 6 represents the biggest update to the core of JavaScript in the history of the language. In Understanding ECMAScript 6, expert developer Nicholas C. Zakas provides a complete guide to the object types, syntax, and other exciting changes that ECMAScript 6 brings to JavaScript. Every chapter is packed with example code that works in any JavaScript environment so you'll be able to see new features in action. You'll learn: * How ECMAScript 6 class syntax relates to more familiar JavaScript concepts * What makes iterators and generators useful * How arrow functions differ from regular functions * Ways to store data with sets, maps, and more * The power of inheritance * How to improve asynchronous programming with promises * How modules change the way you organize code Whether you're a web developer or a Node.js developer, you'll find Understanding ECMAScript 6 indispensable on your journey from ECMAScript 5 to ECMAScript 6.


Nicholas C. Zakas has been working on web applications since 2000, focusing on frontend development, and is known for writing and speaking about frontend best practices. He honed his experience during his five years at Yahoo!, where he was principal frontend engineer for the Yahoo! home page. He is the author of several books, including The Principles of Object-Oriented JavaScript (No Starch Press) and Professional JavaScript for Web Developers (Wrox).


@ xiaolou 非常棒的一本书,值得上深入浅出,ES6进阶必备;翻译的一般,有些翻译看的不明所以。 @ 逍遥一叶 同中文版 @ zay Nicholas的书都好棒~ @ Ape 有电子在线版 基本翻完了,惊喜不多 @ DustinTang javascript 技能升级 @ Shane javascript 是我的编程初恋https://github.com/nzakas/understandinges6 @ 湾仔王二 一本ES6比较系统的介绍性书籍,Zakas 的书非常言简意赅,我很喜欢。 @ 逍遥一叶 同中文版 @ 寒侵微吟 与这本书的中文版一起读的,主要是为了方便记笔记,何况网上只有英文的pdf版本。 @ 天宇 为了吃饭

Chapter 1: Block Bindings
Chapter 2: Strings and Regular Expressions
Chapter 3: Functions
Chapter 4: Expanded Object Functionality
Chapter 5: Destructuring for Easier Data Access
Chapter 6: Symbols and Symbol Properties
Chapter 7: Sets and Maps
Chapter 8: Iterators and Generators
Chapter 9: Introducing JavaScript Classes
Chapter 10: Improved Array Capabilities
Chapter 11: Promises and Asynchronous Programming
Chapter 12: Proxies and the Reflection API
Chapter 13: Encapsulating Code with Modules
Appendix A: Minor Changes in ECMAScript 6
Appendix B: Understanding ECMAScript 7 (2016)
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