Seven Concurrency Models in Seven Weeks

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Your software needs to leverage multiple cores, handle thousands of users and terabytes of data, and continue working in the face of both hardware and software failure. Concurrency and parallelism are the keys, and Seven Concurrency Models in Seven Weeks equips you for this new world. See how emerging technologies such as actors and functional programming address issues with traditional threads and locks development. Learn how to exploit the parallelism in your computer's GPU and leverage clusters of machines with MapReduce and Stream Processing. And do it all with the confidence that comes from using tools that help you write crystal clear, high-quality code. This book will show you how to exploit different parallel architectures to improve your code's performance, scalability, and resilience. Learn about the perils of traditional threads and locks programming and how to overcome them through careful design and by working with the standard library. See how actors enable software running on geographically distributed computers to collaborate, handle failure, and create systems that stay up 24/7/365. Understand why shared mutable state is the enemy of robust concurrent code, and see how functional programming together with technologies such as Software Transactional Memory (STM) and automatic parallelism help you tame it. You'll learn about the untapped potential within every GPU and how GPGPU software can unleash it. You'll see how to use MapReduce to harness massive clusters to solve previously intractible problems, and how, in concert with Stream Processing, big data can be tamed. With an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each of the different models and hardware architectures, you'll be empowered to tackle any problem with confidence. What You Need: The example code can be compiled and executed on *nix, OS X, or Windows. Instructions on how to download the supporting build systems are given in each chapter.


Paul Butcher 资深程序员,涉猎广泛,从单片机编码到高级声明式编程无所不精。Paul是一位少年天才,8岁时就已经开始在8位机上编写游戏。最近几年他开始痴迷于赛车,想要去叫板汉密尔顿。除本书外,还著有在亚马逊获得全五星好评的《软件调试修炼之道》。

黄炎 现供职于上海爱可生,从事数据库高可用软件开发。简介和代码一样简洁。


@ diamondcrack 不知道是作者写作抽象能力不行还是出版要求所致,这本书至少有2/3的内容是废话。真正有用的concept,抽出来差不多也就几篇普通博客文章的长度,剩下的代码示例,作用聊胜于无。actor部分还不如 这篇文章;另外作者你热衷clojure我懂,但是讲CSP还要用clojure做范例也太夹带私货了,先不说go,单从chromiume里抽一个实现出来分析都比这个好。总结起来就是,这书的内容结构和定位严重不符,让人看起来莫名其妙。听说7-week系列都是一个德行,看来以后可以直接跳过了。 @ Marble Arch 不知道是作者写作抽象能力不行还是出版要求所致,这本书至少有2/3的内容是废话。真正有用的concept,抽出来差不多也就几篇普通博客文章的长度,剩下的代码示例,作用聊胜于无。actor部分还不如 这篇文章;另外作者你热衷clojure我懂,但是讲CSP还要用clojure做范例也太夹带私货了,先不说go,单从chromiume里抽一个实现出来分析都比这个好。总结起来就是,这书的内容结构和定位严重不符,让人看起来莫名其妙。听说7-week系列都是一个德行,看来以后可以直接跳过了。 @ 拉脚 点到为止的书,学了一堆专有名词:clojure居然自带STM,go的csp太酷了,玩gpu是外星程序员,lambda arch很好(kappa才是方向? ES/CQRS算是微服务里面的lambda arch,lambda arch算是big data里面的ES),居然没有FRP。 @ F o c u s 还有个附加pdf actor in scala


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