Out of the Gobi

书名:Out of the GobiMyStoryofChinaandAmerica
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Weijian Shan'sOut of the Gobiis a powerful memoir and commentary that will be one of the most important books on China of our time, one with the potential to re-shape how Americans view China, and how the Chinese view life in America. Shan, a former hard laborer who is now one of Asia's best-known financiers, is thoughtful, observant, eloquent, and brutally honest, making him well-positioned to tell the story of a life that is a microcosm of modern China, and of how, improbably, that life became intertwined with America.Out of the Gobidraws a vivid picture of the raw human energy and the will to succeed against all odds. Shan only finished elementary school when Mao Zedong's Cultural Revolution tore his country apart. He was a witness to the brutality and absurdity of Mao's policies during one of the most tumultuous eras in China's history. Exiled to the Gobi Desert at age 15 and denied schooling for 10 years, he endured untold hardships without ever giving up his dream for an education. Shan's improbable journey, from the Gobi to the "People's Republic of Berkeley" and far beyond, is a uniquely American success story – told with a splash of humor, deep insight and rich and engaging detail. This powerful and personal perspective on China and America will inform Americans' view of China, humanizing the country, while providing a rare view of America from the prism of a keen foreign observer who lived the American dream. Says former Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen: "Shan's life provides a demonstration of what is possible when China and the United States come together, even by happenstance. It is not only Shan's personal history that makes this book so interesting but also how the stories of China and America merge in just one moment in time to create an inspired individual so unique and driven, and so representative of the true sprits of both countries."



@ 2s 流水账 @ sherry124 怎么说呢…想看怎么在金融行业做deal的人应该失望了。整本书简单来说就是书中一句话““If I learned anything in the Gobi, it is to be always skeptical of authorities of any kind, especially the self-proclaimed ones.” @ 霸王考拉 很personal的一本书,很传奇,戈壁的生活真是苦啊。除了大陆,台湾也买不到,只有香港有。 @ kakainstareal If i learned anything in the Gobi, it is to be always skeptical of authorities of any kind, especially the self-proclaimed ones. @ 行不得也哥哥 流水帐,有趣 @ Rachel 飞机上看完了。单可比许多业内大佬们实在多了,不乱卖无用鸡汤,文笔淳朴,语言对于中国读者也极其友好。对于没有那个时代经历的年轻读者还是非常生动的。虽说时代造人,但有时候也是事在人为啊。作为一个刚步入而立之年却时常陷入中年懒散状态的人,惭愧万分… @ 雨荷在香港 非常真诚真实的坦露中学以来的人生经历,作者一步又一步跨越向上看似不可思议,每一步却有着背后支撑的性格品质,很遗憾这本书不可能有中文版 @ 佑扯 看书之前不知道作者是什么来头。插队干活的故事可能大部分那一代人都很类似,但之后抓住一切机会变成新中国第一代伯克利phd真的很不容易,特别是考虑到他是小学学历而且大学学的也是文科的外语,甚至觉得文章里淡化了他的自我努力。然后他在学习之外的一些为人处事也挺值得借鉴,比如当排球裁判提高存在感,或者是广结朋友最后到了关键时刻很用得上。书里语言虽然淳朴,但是能看出他一点不骄傲,总是很虚心和感恩 @ Hakuna matata 这本书真的值得读一读,了解一下那段过去的岁月。 @ Eric 大串联 火车免费 过道座位底下 行李架上都睡满了人 所谓的四人帮 被推翻 是没道理的 好像一个犯罪集团是没人支持的一样。其他人都是听党指挥吗 四人帮就是毛的四人帮。关于作者本人的飞黄腾达细节甚少 中国历史甚多。所以又是一个少数的成功案例。浪费国家资源不是吗 送出去就不回来了 苦了底层的韭菜


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