Not Born Yesterday

书名:Not Born YesterdayTheScienceofWhoWeTrustandWhatWeBelieve
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Not Born Yesterday explains how we decide who we can trust and what we should believe—and argues that we’re pretty good at making these decisions. In this lively and provocative book, Hugo Mercier demonstrates how virtually all attempts at mass persuasion—whether by religious leaders, politicians, or advertisers—fail miserably. Drawing on recent findings from political science and other fields ranging from history to anthropology, Mercier shows that the narrative of widespread gullibility, in which a credulous public is easily misled by demagogues and charlatans, is simply wrong. Why is mass persuasion so difficult? Mercier uses the latest findings from experimental psychology to show how each of us is endowed with sophisticated cognitive mechanisms of open vigilance. Computing a variety of cues, these mechanisms enable us to be on guard against harmful beliefs, while being open enough to change our minds when presented with the right evidence. Even failures—when we accept false confessions, spread wild rumors, or fall for quack medicine—are better explained as bugs in otherwise well-functioning cognitive mechanisms than as symptoms of general gullibility. Not Born Yesterday shows how we filter the flow of information that surrounds us, argues that we do it well, and explains how we can do it better still.


Hugo Mercier is a cognitive scientist at the Jean Nicod Institute in Paris and the coauthor of The Enigma of Reason. He lives in Nantes, France. Twitter @hugoreasoning


@ yofer张耀琦 跟着万维纲的课程听完了这本书的整体解读,在很大程度上,本书的论点可以看作是勒庞《乌合之众》观点的补充,两书对照着看,估计收获会更多。这本书讲的是一个黑暗知识,人性的下限比我们愿意相信的要黑暗一点,这个知识并不令人愉快。而本书的洞见,就在于“开放的机警”一词。当你觉得一群人很愚蠢的时候,有时候是人群在理性互动,有时候是人群和权威在互动,有时候是一个荒诞但是合理的局,有时候是大家在收发信号……这是要看情景具体分析的,绝不是一句“人们都很愚蠢”就全能解释的。这就决定了信任与不信任带给你的回报,是不对称的,而为了获取更多机会,我们理应在“开放的机警”作用下,更加倾向于选择“信任”这个选项。 @ 冬 每个人都不好被骗,但每个人都很容易上当 @ 地下宇航员 7.5/10. Trust in information source as an evolutionary equilibrium. @ yofer张耀琦 传统观点:学术界近年来一直在说,普通老百姓都是很容易被欺骗的,你可以随便忽悠他们,人群是愚蠢的,都是“乌合之众”。本书观点:这些说法都是错的。不是人们愚蠢到真的相信了什么东西,而是他们认为这样做对自己有利。人们“相信”,是一种策略性的选择。 @ 啦啦啦啦啦 读不下去了


  • 假如人类如此不堪,我们是怎么活到现在的?
  • 我们不会盲目接受他人告知的事,就算是名人或大多数人告知也一样;相反地,我们很会判断该信任谁、该相信什么,要影响我们其实一点都不容易。
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