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From National Book Award winner Ron Chernow, a landmark biography of Alexander Hamilton, the Founding Father who galvanized, inspired, scandalized, and shaped the newborn nation. Ron Chernow, whom the New York Times called "as elegant an architect of monumental histories as we've seen in decades," now brings to startling life the man who was arguably the most important figure in American history, who never attained the presidency, but who had a far more lasting impact than many who did. An illegitimate, largely self-taught orphan from the Caribbean, Hamilton rose with stunning speed to become George Washington's aide-de-camp, a member of the Constitutional Convention, coauthor of The Federalist Papers , leader of the Federalist party, and the country's first Treasury secretary. With masterful storytelling skills, Chernow presents the whole sweep of Hamilton's turbulent life: his exotic, brutal upbringing; his brilliant military, legal, and financial exploits; his titanic feuds with Jefferson, Madison, Adams, and Monroe; his illicit romances; and his famous death in a duel with Aaron Burr in July 1804. For the first time, Chernow captures the personal life of this handsome, witty, and perennially controversial genius and explores his poignant relations with his wife Eliza, their eight children, and numberless friends. This engrossing narrative will dispel forever the stereotype of the Founding Fathers as wooden figures and show that, for all their greatness, they were fiery, passionate, often flawed human beings. Alexander Hamilton was one of the seminal figures in our history. His richly dramatic saga, rendered in Chernow's vivid prose, is nothing less than a riveting account of America's founding, from the Revolutionary War to the rise of the first federal government.


Ron Chernow was born in 1949 in Brooklyn, New York. After graduating with honors from Yale College and Cambridge University with degrees in English Literature, he began a prolific career as a freelance journalist. Between 1973 and 1982, Chernow published over sixty articles in national publications, including numerous cover stories. In the mid-80s Chernow went to work at the Twentieth Century Fund, a prestigious New York think tank, where he served as director of financial policy studies and received what he described as “a crash course in economics and financial history.”

Chernow’s journalistic talents combined with his experience studying financial policy culminated in the writing of his extraordinary first book, The House of Morgan: An American Banking Dynasty and the Rise of Modern Finance (1990). Winner of the 1990 National Book Award for Nonfiction, The House of Morgan traces the amazing history of four generations of the J.P. Morgan empire. The New York Times Book Review wrote, “As a portrait of finance, politics and the world of avarice and ambition on Wall Street, the book has the movement and tension of an epic novel. It is, quite simply, a tour de force.” Chernow continued his exploration of famous financial dynasties with his second book, The Warburgs (1994), the story of a remarkable Jewish family. The book traces Hamburg’s most influential banking family of the 18th century from their successful beginnings to when Hitler’s Third Reich forced them to give up their business, and ultimately to their regained prosperity in America on Wall Street.

Described by Time as “one of the great American biographies,” Chernow’s Titan: The Life of John D. Rockefeller, Sr. (1998) brilliantly reveals the complexities of America’s first billionaire. Rockefeller was known as a Robber Baron, whose Standard Oil Company monopolized an entire industry before it was broken up by the famous Supreme Court anti-trust decision in 1911. At the same time, Rockefeller was one of the century’s greatest philanthropists donating enormous sums to universities and medical institutions. Chernow is the Secretary of PEN American Center, the country’s most prominent writers’ organization, and is currently at work on a biography of Alexander Hamilton. He lives in Brooklyn Heights, New York.

In addition to writing biographies, Chernow is a book reviewer, essayist, and radio commentator. His book reviews and op-ed articles appear frequently in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. He comments regularly on business and finance for National Public Radio and for many shows on CNBC, CNN, and the Fox News Channel. In addition, he served as the principal expert on the A&E biography of J.P. Morgan and will be featured as the key Rockefeller expert on an upcoming CNBC documentary.


@ Gimmeyourcandy 又是一部杰出的传记,全面深刻地展示了汉密尔顿这一位伟大的美国建立者的一生。他所建立的金融体系至今影响着美国乃至世界。他的复杂的人格魅力令人折服,他的经历更令人动容。尽管作者对他有着明显的偏爱,但仍然看出汉密尔顿的缺点是他没能在残酷无情的政治现实中生存下来的最大原因。另外美国的党争有时也蛮荒谬和可笑,当下川普和民主党之争算不得新鲜事,哪怕发生了第二次内战也不会令我吃惊了,读罢更想读其他建国者的故事,… 又是一部杰出的传记,全面深刻地展示了汉密尔顿这一位伟大的美国建立者的一生。他所建立的金融体系至今影响着美国乃至世界。他的复杂的人格魅力令人折服,他的经历更令人动容。尽管作者对他有着明显的偏爱,但仍然看出汉密尔顿的缺点是他没能在残酷无情的政治现实中生存下来的最大原因。另外美国的党争有时也蛮荒谬和可笑,当下川普和民主党之争算不得新鲜事,哪怕发生了第二次内战也不会令我吃惊了,读罢更想读其他建国者的故事,尤其是汉密尔顿的宿敌-老谋深算并有着过人才华的杰弗逊。总之这是我读的最快的英语长篇,可想而知作者的文笔十分地出彩。 @ ★Lachesis★ 17年才意识到LMM的剧就是改编自同一本传记。(好吧,我萌这本书的时候还没有那部剧什么事……)虽然LMM的剧很棒,但是大多数文采还是要归功于Chernow老。忠实切诺粉。(我要去看摩根财团了再见。) @ 庄常飞 不知是不是因为先入为主,这本我认为会是Chernow最佳的作品的确是其代表作,可以说无处不好。 @ 老密 2017-12-02 stayed up late in the law school library and finished half of it. hope to finish the second half one day. @ Peipei 人无完人,历史也从不客观。 @ MackAFish 九颗星,评论先欠着 @ winniehsia 越看到后来倒是觉得没刚开始好看了。一方面大背景把美利坚政治写得多少有些太傻白甜(当然这是美利坚人民的福气),少了点我期待的厚黑;另一方面塑造人物其实就两点,一是人无完人(所以任何集权都是危险的),再是人跟人之间的纷争多是来自立场不同,而不是作为人的本质。最后还是要再赞一下聚聚的创作,在我心目中几乎看不到文字影响的影子而是全新创作。 @ 木木星 用了俩个月(应该是除了HP读的最厚的一本书了)total 219,969 words 总的来说 我觉得书的前半部分 比后半部分要好 以插图为分界线 之前的AH真的觉得是一个vigorous 努力的奋斗的 from scratch变成第一任财政部长. 但是后半部分Chernon有点太bias了 但凡AH更任何人有矛盾都是别人的问题 Adams Jefferson AB 别人的风流韵事就是风流 AH的… 用了俩个月(应该是除了HP读的最厚的一本书了)total 219,969 words 总的来说 我觉得书的前半部分 比后半部分要好 以插图为分界线 之前的AH真的觉得是一个vigorous 努力的奋斗的 from scratch变成第一任财政部长. 但是后半部分Chernon有点太bias了 但凡AH更任何人有矛盾都是别人的问题 Adams Jefferson AB 别人的风流韵事就是风流 AH的就是误入歧途受人迫害 我就真的 我觉得作为一个传记作者 当然歌功颂德无可厚非 可是我觉得还是要有一丝丝底线 Anyone who disagrees with AH was bad. 虽然作为一本美国开国历史启蒙书 我觉得还是不错的 至少我现在能对前四任总统如数家珍 @ 霓扣 故事太细节,有种真真假假的感觉并惊叹AH书信文笔太好 @ 照叶 四星半。在目前为止听过的四本美国国父传记中,这本无疑最精彩。部分是因为传主确实有一个比莎翁的悲剧主人公还要波澜壮阔,毁誉交加的人生吧,听到末尾着实不忍……有些人热衷于政策,有些人热衷于政治,左右逢源的难度恐怕不下于火中取栗……不过传记作家似乎都有偏爱传主的倾向,期待下一本Gore的(小说)Burr。


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