The Man Who Solved the Market

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Bestselling author and veteran Wall Street Journal reporter Gregory Zuckerman answers the question investors have been asking for decades: How did Jim Simons do it? Jim Simons is the greatest money maker in modern financial history. His track record bests those of legendary investors including Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, Ray Dalio, and George Soros. Yet Simons and his strategies are shrouded in mystery. Wall Street insiders have long craved a view into Simons's singular mind, as well as the definitive account of how his secretive hedge fund, Renaissance Technologies, came to dominate financial markets. Bestselling author and Wall Street Journal reporter Gregory Zuckerman delivers the goods. After a legendary career as a mathematician at MIT and Harvard, and a stint breaking Soviet code for the U.S. government, Simons set out to conquer financial markets with a radical approach. He hired mathematicians, physicists, and computer scientists, most of whom knew little about finance. Experts scoffed as Simons built Renaissance Technologies from a dreary Long Island strip mall. He amassed piles of data and developed algorithms to hunt for deeply hidden patterns in the numbers–patterns that reveal rules governing all markets. Simons and his colleagues became some of the richest individuals in the world and their data-driven approach launched a quantitative revolution on Wall Street. They also anticipated dramatic shifts in society. Eventually, governments, sports teams, hospitals, and businesses in almost every industry embraced Simons's methods. Simons and his team used their newfound wealth to upend society. Simons has become a major influence in scientific research, education, and politics, while senior executive Robert Mercer is more responsible than anyone else for Donald Trump's victorious presidential campaign. The Renaissance team's models didn't prepare executives for the ensuing backlash. The Man Who Solved the Market is the dramatic story of how Jim Simons and a group of unlikely mathematicians remade Wall Street and transformed the world.


Gregory Zuckerman is the author of The Greatest Trade Ever and The Frackers, and is a Special Writer at the Wall Street Journal. At the Journal, Zuckerman writes about financial firms, personalities and trades, as well as hedge funds and other investing and business topics. He's a three-time winner of the Gerald Loeb award, the highest honor in business journalism. Zuckerman also appears regularly on CNBC, Fox Business and other networks and radio stations around the globe.


@ 永远的美少女Jo 没啥大意思 @ 谢寻星 痛读两天搞定。虽然只是传记,但还是了解到很多的,周末有空时写心得。 @ yusen 终于读完了这本关于最牛逼(之一)也最神秘的对冲基金文艺复兴,和其创始人Jim Simons的流水账……Good life story,最后谈到2018年12月美股crash的时候,即使是Simons也打电话给自己的Family Office 负责人,问”我们要不要做空市场来对冲风险“?所以理性决策是多么多么难…… @ 宋小范 COVID read @ hibernate [PL]最近两个月很有意思,几个投资者先后著书立传,包括黑石Schwartzman的What it takes,凯雷Rubenstein的the American story(历史),和活久见的Simons这本传记。40岁开始创立公司的Simons,性格据说挺像Mask,比其他大神多了些专注和坚持,在我们眼里是无法逾越的高山,而文艺复兴的表现一直让其他对冲基金公司,哪怕是顶尖的那几家也难以望其项背… [PL]最近两个月很有意思,几个投资者先后著书立传,包括黑石Schwartzman的What it takes,凯雷Rubenstein的the American story(历史),和活久见的Simons这本传记。40岁开始创立公司的Simons,性格据说挺像Mask,比其他大神多了些专注和坚持,在我们眼里是无法逾越的高山,而文艺复兴的表现一直让其他对冲基金公司,哪怕是顶尖的那几家也难以望其项背。其一向低调神秘的作风让同行们百思不得其解。因此这本书的出版,即使和交易秘密不相关,也是完全出乎意料之外的惊喜。Simons和麾下数学家们在解码市场规律其中也有不少经历教训,比如找出模型代码错误,内斗下能保住最大的alpha-人才。天才之处无法模仿,能更精进一寸便是所得。 @ QuietAmbassa What It Takes短评里有人推荐 更喜欢那本 这本读着一半失去兴趣 但还是看完了 没学到啥 @ Paige.C 欧美经管人物传记类基本上都是流水账,哪怕是乔布斯的也一样。这本前半可以,干货新知以及作为经验教训先例的旁观者都有的看。后半有一些味同嚼蜡,合伙人中晚年享受退休生活,要么参与政治献金要么撕破脸。一家资产管理投资基金公司,招人从不认“大难临头最容易各自飞”的华尔街“人才”,面试只要写论文做演讲以及测试是否接受得了“刁难”。“我能教会他们所有金融知识,但无法直接让他们变聪明。” @ maxleaf Anecdotes远远远远多于technical的内容,虽然说这些anecdotes也挺有意思的吧,但是还是有点失望 @ 娃娃手 本身是一个非常好的题材,局限于作者非cs/math出身,写的像有点像tabloid story,也没挖出什么深入的信息。倒是解释了一直困扰我的为啥renaissance这么喜欢招professor。。。 @ Agboh Welcome to the machine city!


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