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Packages are the fundamental units of reproducible R code. They include reusable R functions, the documentation that describes how to use them, and sample data. This practical book shows you how to turn your code into packages that others can easily download and use. By applying author Hadley Wickham’s philosophy of package development, you’ll learn to focus on what you want your package to do, rather than think about package structure. You’ll also work with Hadley’s devtools package, a suite of R functions for automating common development tasks. Devtools encapsulates best practices of package development that he’s learned over the years. With this book, Hadley will show you how to use devtools to develop your own packages. -Create R packages that save you time and are easy for others to use -Understand the most common and useful components of packages -Start with the basics and improve your package writing over time -Automate anything you can and do as much as possible with functions -Streamline your development process with devtools -Learn from a well-respected member of the R community who created 30 R packages including ggplot2


Hadley is Chief Scientist at RStudio and Adjunct Professor of Statistics at Rice University. He is interested in building better tools for data science. His work includes R packages for data analysis (ggvis, dplyr, tidyr); packages that make R less frustrating (lubridate for dates, stringr for strings, httr for accessing web APIs, rvest for webscraping); and that make it easier to do good software development in R (roxygen2, testthat, devtools). He is also a writer, educator, and frequent speaker promoting more accessible, more effective and more fun data analysis.


@ Frederic 相比官方手册,这本是更适合人类阅读的文档。怎样写作是大学问。 @ Bing R包开发的不朽之作。。。 @ 金融危姬 当你不得不读的时候…. @ 午饭 衣食父母 @ DreamTracker quote 'the book written by Hadley Wickham, the guy who also wrote ggplot2, dplyr, testthat, roxygen2, etc…….' @ 金融危姬 当你不得不读的时候…. @ 御手洗的书包 省去了最繁琐的步骤,连我都能开发一个包…… @ STYLO hadley最后一本我没有读过的书,写的很好。 @ 午饭 衣食父母 @ LionManKinG 最近用的package和看的书都是hadley的,他的贡献颇多啊。这本书确实比官方文档更“用户友好”。最后,更深入的东西还是需要查阅文档或者stack overflow


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