Putting Auction Theory to Work

书名:Putting Auction Theory to WorkAuctionTheorytoWork


This book provides a comprehensive introduction to modern auction theory and its important new applications. It is written by a leading economic theorist whose suggestions guided the creation of the new spectrum auction designs. Aimed at graduate students and professionals in economics, the book gives the most up-to-date treatments of both traditional theories of 'optimal auctions' and newer theories of multi-unit auctions and package auctions, and shows by example how these theories are used. The analysis explores the limitations of prominent older designs, such as the Vickrey auction design, and evaluates the practical responses to those limitations. It explores the tension between the traditional theory of auctions with a fixed set of bidders, in which the seller seeks to squeeze as much revenue as possible from the fixed set, and the theory of auctions with endogenous entry, in which bidder profits must be respected to encourage participation.


Paul Milgrom is the Shirley and Leonard Ely professor of Humanities and Sciences in the Department of Economics at Stanford University and professor, by courtesy, at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He is a member of both the National Academy of Sciences and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and a winner of the Nemmers Prize in Economics.Milgrom is best known for his contributions to the theory of auctions, for pioneering contributions to the practical design of multi-item auctions, and for his success as a bidding advisor


@ tempture I like it very much. @ rjx 看似没有Krishna那本书系统,但其实有内在条理。理论部分以envelope theorem和super-modularity theory为主线,应用部分强调现实背景,对多物品拍卖各部分介绍详尽 @ 胖子 super-modularity everywhere @ [已注销] good synthesis of auction theory @ [已注销] good synthesis of auction theory @ 胖子 super-modularity everywhere @ rjx 看似没有Krishna那本书系统,但其实有内在条理。理论部分以envelope theorem和super-modularity theory为主线,应用部分强调现实背景,对多物品拍卖各部分介绍详尽 @ tempture I like it very much.


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