Pro Git (Second Edition)

书名:Pro Git (Second Edition)
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Scott Chacon is a cofounder and the CIO of GitHub and is also the maintainer of the Git homepage ( ) . Scott has presented at dozens of conferences around the world on Git, GitHub and the future of work. Ben Straub is a developer, long time contributor to Libgit2, holder of a Masters degree, international speaker and Git teacher, avid reader, lifelong explorer, and student of the art of making fine software. He lives with his wife and two children in Portland, Oregon.


Scott Chacon is a Git evangelist and Ruby developer employed at Logical Awesome working on He is the author of the Git Internals Peepcode PDF as well as the maintainer of the Git homepage and the Git Community Book. Scott has presented at RailsConf, RubyConf, Scotland on Rails, Ruby Kaigi, OSCON and a number of local groups and has done corporate training on Git across the country.


@ usc3l again,看看有没有奇巧可以使用下。 @ Yin Gang 上半年大概读完一半,后面真要深入使用再进一步学习吧。 @ striker 言简意赅,简单实用。 @ mikest233 Git入门经典,系统了解Git @ trismile 官方免费书,久负盛名,也一直在更新。但是书的叙述结构实在是混乱,不少东西要点着交叉索引前前后后颠来倒去的看才能看完整。而且作者坚持给了命令不解释,这是什么套路。用来入门不如看看廖雪峰的教程,用来做参考 Professional Git 比这本强。 @ Tommy 看的在线中文版 @ 太妃麻薯 受益匪浅,然后下载了gui( @ Decretum 官方电子书: @ 吃豆子的鱼 其实想来看原理的,但发现了书里实践比较多。其实天天已经在用了,大部分知道,于是速读跳过。总体原理说得不多,速读留个概念,对各种边角功能有个印象。 @ legendyql 比廖雪锋那个教程好很多

1. Getting Started
1.1 About Version Control
1.2 A Short History of Git
1.3 Git Basics
1.4 The Command Line
1.5 Installing Git
1.6 First-Time Git Setup
1.7 Getting Help
1.8 Summary
2. Git Basics
2.1 Getting a Git Repository
2.2 Recording Changes to the Repository
2.3 Viewing the Commit History
2.4 Undoing Things
2.5 Working with Remotes
2.6 Tagging
2.7 Git Aliases
2.8 Summary
3. Git Branching
3.1 Branches in a Nutshell
3.2 Basic Branching and Merging
3.3 Branch Management
3.4 Branching Workflows
3.5 Remote Branches
3.6 Rebasing
3.7 Summary
4. Git on the Server
4.1 The Protocols
4.2 Getting Git on a Server
4.3 Generating Your SSH Public Key
4.4 Setting Up the Server
4.5 Git Daemon
4.6 Smart HTTP
4.7 GitWeb
4.8 GitLab
4.9 Third Party Hosted Options
4.10 Summary
5. Distributed Git
5.1 Distributed Workflows
5.2 Contributing to a Project
5.3 Maintaining a Project
5.4 Summary
6. GitHub
6.1 Account Setup and Configuration
6.2 Contributing to a Project
6.3 Maintaining a Project
6.4 Managing an organization
6.5 Scripting GitHub
6.6 Summary
7. Git Tools
7.1 Revision Selection
7.2 Interactive Staging
7.3 Stashing and Cleaning
7.4 Signing Your Work
7.5 Searching
7.6 Rewriting History
7.7 Reset Demystified
7.8 Advanced Merging
7.9 Rerere
7.10 Debugging with Git
7.11 Submodules
7.12 Bundling
7.13 Replace
7.14 Credential Storage
7.15 Summary
8. Customizing Git
8.1 Git Configuration
8.2 Git Attributes
8.3 Git Hooks
8.4 An Example Git-Enforced Policy
8.5 Summary
9. Git and Other Systems
9.1 Git as a Client
9.2 Migrating to Git
9.3 Summary
10. Git Internals
10.1 Plumbing and Porcelain
10.2 Git Objects
10.3 Git References
10.4 Packfiles
10.5 The Refspec
10.6 Transfer Protocols
10.7 Maintenance and Data Recovery
10.8 Environment Variables
10.9 Summary
A1. Git in Other Environments
A1.1 Graphical Interfaces
A1.2 Git in Visual Studio
A1.3 Git in Eclipse
A1.4 Git in Bash
A1.5 Git in Zsh
A1.6 Git in Powershell
A1.7 Summary
A2. Embedding Git in your Applications
A2.1 Command-line Git
A2.2 Libgit2
A2.3 JGit
A3. Git Commands
A3.1 Setup and Config
A3.2 Getting and Creating Projects
A3.3 Basic Snapshotting
A3.4 Branching and Merging
A3.5 Sharing and Updating Projects
A3.6 Inspection and Comparison
A3.7 Debugging
A3.8 Patching
A3.9 Email
A3.10 External Systems
A3.11 Administration
A3.12 Plumbing Commands
· · · · · ·


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