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书名:How to AmericanAnImmigrant'sGuidetoDisappointingYourParents
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Standup comic, actor and fan favorite from HBO's Silicon Valley and the film Crazy Rich Asians shares his memoir of growing up as a Chinese immigrant in California and making it in Hollywood. "I turned down a job in finance to pursue a career in stand-up comedy. My dad thought I was crazy. But I figured it was better to disappoint my parents for a few years than to disappoint myself for the rest of my life. I had to disappoint them in order to pursue what I loved. That was the only way to have my Chinese turnip cake and eat an American apple pie too." Jimmy O. Yang is a standup comedian, film and TV actor and fan favorite as the character Jian Yang from the popular HBO series Silicon Valley. In How to American, he shares his story of growing up as a Chinese immigrant who pursued a Hollywood career against the wishes of his parents: Yang arrived in Los Angeles from Hong Kong at age 13, learned English by watching BET RapCity for three hours a day, and worked as a strip club DJ while pursuing his comedy career. He chronicles a near deportation episode during a college trip Tijuana to finally becoming a proud US citizen ten years later. Featuring those and many other hilarious stories, while sharing some hard-earned lessons, How to American mocks stereotypes while offering tongue in cheek advice on pursuing the American dreams of fame, fortune, and strippers.


Multi-faceted actor, stand-up comedian, and writer Jimmy O. Yang is best known for his portrayal of hilarious intern Jian Yang on HBO's Emmy-nominated comedy series Silicon Valley. Born in Hong Kong, Yang made his television debut on the CBS series 2 Broke Girls and his first late-night stand-up appearance on The Arsenio Hall Show, where he received a rare standing ovation. Other television credits include DirecTV's Things You Shouldn't Say Past Midnight, CBS' Battle Creek and Criminal Minds, FXX's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and ABC's Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. He is currently recurring on TruTV's half hour comedy series, Those Who Can't. Yang is based in Los Angeles.


@ water my mission is to make asian immigrants as sexy as ryan gosling. xD @ 乔 作者的很多轶事不仅仅是美籍华裔的代表,而是一股扑面而来熟悉的Shanghainese kid的行事作风啊哈哈哈,读来很亲切。 @ lisa|离 audible上是他本人念(演)的~基本上贡献了拍方向盘大笑若干次,以及粉上他爹了~作为一个亚裔strip club同好,真的笑哭了~不过听到说他回香港点了个凤爪吃,然后突然觉得在那时候他可以放下亚裔的身份那段,给我听哭了。我感觉我们属于同一类,太害怕不融入,导致融入得太好了,只有拿下作为异乡人的无形帽子的那一刻,有点可怜自己,那个理所当然的想法和举止跟人不一样的作为外国人的自己,在所谓包容的美国… audible上是他本人念(演)的~基本上贡献了拍方向盘大笑若干次,以及粉上他爹了~作为一个亚裔strip club同好,真的笑哭了~不过听到说他回香港点了个凤爪吃,然后突然觉得在那时候他可以放下亚裔的身份那段,给我听哭了。我感觉我们属于同一类,太害怕不融入,导致融入得太好了,只有拿下作为异乡人的无形帽子的那一刻,有点可怜自己,那个理所当然的想法和举止跟人不一样的作为外国人的自己,在所谓包容的美国文化里淹没不见了。但是还是亚裔之光啦~我还是很欣赏他这种不惧怕被刻板化的精神,在亚裔的表面之下他依旧是个优秀的相声演员,喜剧演员,这才是作为亚裔的民族自信啊。 @ 野摇光 一口气看完 复习了一遍jimmy的前半生,加深印象,坦诚而有趣 @ 水芝盈盈 Jian-Yang今年三月出的新书,超级解压的欢乐一读。比Amy Schumer的自传开怀多了。一定要买有声书!因为是@FunnyAsianDude 自己读的,还有纸质书里没有的improv!收拾厨房听完前四章,笑得我肚子痛!#Jimmy你普通话发音太差了 @ Hannah 听的电子书 读得很搞笑 让我看到了immigrants的生活吧 @ 在南极找不到南 有些口语化,但是读起来轻松有趣,很快能读完 @ 努阿宝 typical asian @ Esmerada 最近好喜欢吉米欧阳 @ 休格兰特老婆 前半部分好惨,后半部分惨中有点好笑。苦中作乐哇


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