Scythe Tleppo

书名:Scythe TleppoMySurvivalofaCult,Abandonment,Addiction


"This is hands-down the best book I’ve read by a former Scientologist. If you’ve had any interest in the wacky world of Scientology or if you have anyone in your life who struggles with drug addiction or even just under-achievement, buy and read this book. You’ll be glad you did." – Aaron Smith-Levin, Growing up in Scientology "Scythe Tleppo is a roller coaster ride between these moments of clarity and one shocking scene after another told in brutal detail about the ways Nathan was abused, the ways he abused himself, and his ever downward spiral to homelessness and near-suicidal drug use." – Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker "Very powerful and moving. Completely Inspiring. Scientology (like most bullies) will NOT like it the truth being exposed." – Christi Gordon, Children of Scientology "It is engrossing, heartbreaking and inspiring, depicting a range of abuses and misery that few people have endured while maintaining their sanity, let alone their lives. I can't recommend it enough." – Tara Reile, Scientology and the Aftermath Scythe Tleppo is an inspirational true story of a boy escaping the clutches of a cult, homelessness, emotional decimation, and rampant drug abuse. It's a story of surviving on the streets, completely without family, friends or hope – of how to overcome against all odds; of will to carry on. Born into Scientology, Nathan resisted indoctrination from the start. Eventually he was sent to the cult’s infamously abusive Mace-Kingsley Ranch, at age eight, and again at age fourteen. He was not allowed contact with his family for nearly three years. After finally getting away, his family disowned him. He lived for seven long years homeless and without hope. Drugs, violence and despair plagued his mind until he was finally able to rise out of the gutter, face his past and live in the present. From wild LSD experiences to gangs and past life recall, Nathan bears all in this brutally open memoir.


Nathan Rich grew up in Scientology. He was disowned by his entire family after spending four years in Scientology's infamously abusive Mace-Kingsley Ranch. He appeared on the Emmy award winning "A&E's Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath" in October, 2017. He hopes to share his inspirational story of overcoming indoctrination and homeless to the world.


@ helen 爱其他胜过爱孩子,就会造成一个母亲一个孩子的悲剧。 @ withparadox2 终于读完了,距离在亚马逊上订购此书已过去四个月。这是我读完的第一本非专业方面的英文书籍,相当吃力,生词一个接一个,为了避免疲劳,我用电脑,手机,kindle换着读。此书对作者的生平描绘的很细致,和Scientist教之间发生的十数年的纠葛让人叹惋。作者被家族无情抛弃,独自被送往农场改造,而后又经年累月的过着街头流浪的生活,干的无非是聚会,吸毒的违法勾当,最后浪子回头,通过搞计算机实现重生。 @ Margherita 看到他最后一步一步走向更好的生活,很感慨 @ 拜拜二月兔 I’ve never seen a more independent man in my entire life. @ 啤啤熊 刚刚读完,非常励志非常棒的故事,推荐每个人都去读一读,另外,每一章开头的插画和引文都很不错 @ helen 爱其他胜过爱孩子,就会造成一个母亲一个孩子的悲剧。 @ Margherita 看到他最后一步一步走向更好的生活,很感慨 @ withparadox2 终于读完了,距离在亚马逊上订购此书已过去四个月。这是我读完的第一本非专业方面的英文书籍,相当吃力,生词一个接一个,为了避免疲劳,我用电脑,手机,kindle换着读。此书对作者的生平描绘的很细致,和Scientist教之间发生的十数年的纠葛让人叹惋。作者被家族无情抛弃,独自被送往农场改造,而后又经年累月的过着街头流浪的生活,干的无非是聚会,吸毒的违法勾当,最后浪子回头,通过搞计算机实现重生。 @ 良工 流畅简短的个人成长记录,手动支持Nathan Rich。 @ 拜拜二月兔 I’ve never seen a more independent man in my entire life.


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